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Loft Conversions

Does your home seem to be small for your growing family? Loft conversions are an ideal way to create more space in your home. Whatever your requirement, space can be converted into a bedroom, an entertainment room or a study. One of the features of our loft renovations is the addition of a skylight that brings in the daylight and night sky that you can enjoy while relaxing on your sofa or bed. 

Bungalow To House Conversion

Bungalow extension projects often provide a unique opportunity to create additional space. One of the biggest advantages is to add value to your property; the majority of bungalows cover a larger area than the average ground floor of a detached house so this means that when you convert it into a house you will have space for larger bedrooms, numerous en-suites and plenty of storage opportunities.

Garage Conversions

A standard garage is often too small to fit a family car but would have the potential to create a lot of extra living space if converted. Imagine the additional opportunities available if you had a double garage. Not only could you keep the rear of the garage as a storage area for those all-important lawnmowers and bicycles but you could still convert part of the garage into a usable room.

Property Extensions

Whether you’re looking to increase living space to accommodate a growing family, or you’re looking to increase the value of your home, a home extension of the perfect solution. Adding a garage, increasing the size of the living room or putting in extra bedrooms – there are many ways to add to the footprint of your home with an extension. 

Barn Conversions

At Loftcraft we hold a wealth of experience in understanding all the planning conditions and constraints involved in the construction of barn conversions. We can assist with the whole construction process from planning & approval of your conversion and design right down to lighting controls and smart home solutions.